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You’ve decided to buy a house. Emotionally, you’re excited. Financially, you know it’s a huge decision. But in real estate, nothing is an easy choice. At times, it can even be stressful. That’s why we created our Homebuyer’s Gold Tour. It takes all the complicated steps to buying a house and breaks it down into a simple purchase for you. What you get with our Homebuyer’s Gold Tour is a dedicated agent who will walk you through every step, provide expert advice, and never let you worry.

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Most Buyers that have used our Buyer’s Gold Tour have said that this was by far the most comprehensive buying process that they have ever experienced in a real estate transaction. Using a unique combination of Internet technology and Industry best practices, we have successfully integrated the Internet home search process with the actual property showing process.

For each Buyer we provide 2 separate state-of-the-art property search tools that allow you to see a very accurate view of ALL of the properties that are available for sale in a given area. These search tools accurately reflect exactly what is currently on the MLS and are refreshed for new listings every hour. We also provide you with a private Buyer’s Website where you can organize the properties you like in different folders along with your notes. 

During each Home Tour, you are provided with a comprehensive Buyer’s Tour Notebook that has every piece of information about each property that you are going to see as well as your notes from your Buyer’s website. By integrating these tools and methods, our Buyers tell us that they are able to make very informed decisions about the properties they are viewing and gain a competitive advantage over other Buyer’s in the area that do not have these types of tools at their disposal.

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