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If there is any one law in real estate, I would say: “No scenario is the same.” Every buyer and seller has a unique situation. But I think there’s one myth buyers consistently walk into — and that’s thinking their second home purchase will be the same as the first.

There’s no doubt that our financial goals change over time. Our needs shift, careers get moved around, and we find a different focus in life. With that, it comes time to change our home as well — to match what we’re looking for. So, before you go walking into your second home purchase, here are the answers to questions that typically arise during this time:


What should I consider before buying my next house?

A: With your first home, you may have had to make sacrifices on what you wanted and what you could get. But now that you’re making the move again, ask yourself why you need to buy a new home. Questions like these will help clarify what you should look for:

  • Is your family growing or do you plan to have the kids move out?
  • Are you looking for a new location/city to call home?
  • Do you want certain amenities (or features) that your home is currently lacking?


Once you’ve thought about why you want a new home, you can begin to identify what kind of property you are looking for (which will help us identify the right property for you, as well).